Founder & Art Director
An artist and entrepreneur popularizing digital art since 2005.
Speaker of international conferences on digital technologies.
Member of the jury of international design and art awards. Author of manifestos on metamodernism and digital culture.

Co-Founder "Smokin' Heroes" LLC. Los Angeles. 2016-2019
The media company that created the film which entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world's first film shot entirely with a first-person view.

Co-Founder "Stickerbook". Moscow. 2011 - 2018
Books with stickers by famous digital artists. A total of 8 editions have been released. Millions of stickers from the Sticker Book are still found all over the world.

Founder / CEO "THĒ" LLC | thē.com. Moscow. 2018 -2021
A multimedia company engaged in the management of digital artists, the organization of media exhibitions, the creation of installations and cooperation with brands.

Author of MONO Music Show. 2018-2021
A musical show of live performances. More than 100 famous artists. More than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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